Many people dismiss therapy as beneficial for them.  Some responses may be that one has friends to talk to, the problems are “not that big”, cost is an issue, or why talk to a stranger about the problems?  There are many reasons that we hear and I hope to dispel them or pique your interest about learning more.

Having friends is a good thing as that is a support network that complements your needs.  However, our friends are biased (which they should be) or may tell us what we want to hear.  Your therapist should be unbiased and should be challenging you.

Trying to determine or justify the “size” of your problems can also be addressed.  There are times that someone utilizes therapy to process or explore life transitions.  There are other times that our problems are bigger, but we survive by minimizing them.  But, they only get bigger when we do that.

I can’t afford it.  One possibility would be to explore your options through your insurance company.  If your co-pay or deductible is too high, be honest with the therapist and explore your options to see if it can be addressed.

Why would I tell a stranger my problems?  This may be more of a pro than a con.  You are speaking with a trained therapist that not only adheres to professional and ethical guidelines, but also legal guidelines.  Also, a therapist is not there to judge, but to help you explore your needs and concerns without having a stake in your decision.  This allows you to have your own safe space without having to worry about what others think of you or having others tell you how you should proceed.  This may make it easier to breathe when processing.

I am not going to say that the work will not be hard or other things will not come up, but you will have a supportive, trained therapist to assist.  We are there to help you along your journey.

This is a privilege that I do not take lightly and want you to look for it in your choosing.  Also, please do not be afraid to ask questions to see how a therapist may be of assistance to you.


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